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Sarah Long, a junior geologist on a sonar vessel makes the discovery of a lifetime.  A strange ship buried in the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean.  It’s impossibly big.  Extremely old.  And most definitely not from this planet.  But neither is it alien.  Or dead. 


At the same time, the ship makes its own jaw-dropping discovery, and captain Jan Argen must decide between his duty to colonization and a shocking, new reality he never expected.


Moving between characters anchored in contemporary, American life and the crew of the starship Kalelah, a culture without time, living light-years from its home worlds, The Kalelah Series is a heart-pounding countdown toward a battle between humans who have everything in common, except what they believe.


Space opera, first-contact and alien invasion fans get it all.  And if you love Ted Chiang’s ability to turn reality on its ear, you’ll love these fast-paced sci-fi novellas.

Lost Arrow hits the sci-fi bullseye. 

It’s Dan Brown meets Michael Crichton and

one surprise after another. 

I can’t wait to see the movie.


–Joey Berlin, Executive Producer, Critics’ Choice Awards

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