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BOOK  No.1


Seven miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in the deepest place on Earth, beneath centuries of silt and sand, lay the answer to humanity’s oldest question.  And when a young geologist, Sarah Long, exposes the truth, hell comes to the surface with it.


Not only do we have company in the universe, we are not who we think we are. 


The shocking news ignites a confrontation between two very human civilizations. One alien and one Earth-bound, both forced to come to grips with a future neither had ever imagined. And when Sarah meets Trin, her world is turned even harder on its head.  


Worse, it may no longer even be her world.


All the ideas about who we are and where we come from get twisted in this colonization story crafted with all the intrigue and layers of a nail-biting thriller.


Ross reminds me of James Cameron in

laying the groundwork (or in this

case the waterwork) for his vividly and credibly

imagined plunge into unexplored depths.


–John Blades

  Author of the novel, Small Game

  Fiction editor of Chicago Quarterly Review

It doesn't take long to get to

know Sarah...the author takes you into

her psyche and never gives you

a chance to breathe.


–Barbara Slate, graphic novelist, author of Yuppies From Hell

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