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BOOK  No.2


The Kalelah finds herself under the sway of a hardened purist who’ll let nothing come between the ship and its sacred duty to the ancient commands of the Plan.  And Earth finds itself

facing a death sentence.


World leaders respond, but politics, religion and panic do their usual damage to the prospects of peace.  Even in the face of extinction, humanity can’t seem to get it together.


Plunged into the center of the crisis – crazily and accidentally – are Sarah and Trin who have to rise to an impossible occasion. The gun is cocked, the battle is about to begin, and

the world needs a miracle.  


But can it ever agree on where to find one?

Ross paints a picture of a deep,

dark, secret so vivid, I had to ask myself,

could this happen?


– Rob Dircks, Audible bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla?

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