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Wickedly original. 

Marshall Ross’

sci-fi debut takes on age-old questions

and twists the answers to keep you up all night.


–Joey Berlin, Executive Producer, Critics’ Choice Award

A strong first episode with

an impactful hero and a blistering spirit


–Richard C. Levy, bestselling author and inventor



–Jon Hoeber, screenwriter of RED, Whiteout and The MEG

This is a book that young readers

will enjoy and then go back to when

they’re not so young anymore.


–Mike Bowen, author of “Damage Control

It doesn't take long to get to

know Sarah...the author takes you into

her psyche and never gives you

a chance to breathe.


–Barbara Slate, graphic novelist, author of Yuppies From Hell

Ross paints a picture of a deep,

dark, secret so vivid, I had to ask myself,

could this happen?


– Rob Dircks, Audible bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla?

Other than a few Ray Bradbury stories as a teen, in a previous century, I’ve managed to avoid any close contacts with sci-fi or fantasy fiction. But a late-life encounter with “Lost Arrow,” the first installment in Marshall Ross’ “Kalelah" trilogy, convinced me that I’ve been missing out on a wide and illuminating world of visionary adventure. Ross writes with impressive skills, mixing techno-fact and sci-fiction, and in the opening chapters of the first volume, leading to the discovery of  the underwater universe beneath the Mariana trench, he creates an atmosphere of mystery and foreboding, a brisk confluence of realism and other-worldly suspense. Ross reminds me of James Cameron, in laying the groundwork (or in this case the waterwork) for his vividly and credibly imagined plunge into unexplored depths.


–John Blades

  Author of the novel, Small Game

  Fiction editor of Chicago Quarterly Review